What you would like to know?

Did you know that ZACK has been one of Europe's most successful manufacturers of stainless steel home accessories for years now? That our collection, comprising nearly 400 articles and available throughout Europe from around 2,500 retail partners, is created exclusively by our own designers? And did you know that ZACK provides timeless design articles in a first-class finish and offering excellent value for money for every occasion, every mood and every living area?

The currently new models are presented on this page. We will gladly provide you with copy and visual material for editorial publishing purposes.

To download the displayed News information as a PDF please click on the corresponding text of the article page. The image file (10 x 15 cm, 300 dpi, RGB) can be downloaded by clicking on the image of the article in the publication in question.

Should you require further information, please contact our press department:
eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel.: +49 (0)40 713 746 0

Productimage SEGOS 20209 Product-PDF SEGOS 20209
Productimage GEMMA 20228 Product-PDF GEMMA 20228
Productimage ONDO 20571 Product-PDF ONDO 20571
Productimage NOZA 20585 Product-PDF NOZA 20585
Productimage MONINO 20935 Product-PDF MONINO 20935
Productimage MONINO 20936 Product-PDF MONINO 20936
Productimage CALDO 21010 Product-PDF CALDO 21010
Productimage PELAGO 21011 Product-PDF PELAGO 21011
Productimage PRENDO 21012 Product-PDF PRENDO 21012
Productimage XERO 40003 Product-PDF XERO 40003
Productimage SCALA 40006 Product-PDF SCALA 40006
Productimage AVIO 40007 Product-PDF AVIO 40007
Productimage AVIO 40008 Product-PDF AVIO 40008
Productimage AVIO 40009 Product-PDF AVIO 40009
Productimage SCALA 40048 Product-PDF SCALA 40048
Productimage SOVE 40148 Product-PDF SOVE 40148
Productimage MITOR 40262 Product-PDF MITOR 40262
Productimage AVOR 40322 Product-PDF AVOR 40322
Productimage AVOR 40323 Product-PDF AVOR 40323
Productimage AVOR 40325 Product-PDF AVOR 40325
Productimage AVOR 40324 Product-PDF AVOR 40324
Productimage CENIUS 40333 Product-PDF CENIUS 40333
Productimage CENIUS 40334 Product-PDF CENIUS 40334
Productimage LYOS 40340 Product-PDF LYOS 40340
Productimage LYOS 40341 Product-PDF LYOS 40341
Productimage LYOS 40342 Product-PDF LYOS 40342
Productimage LYOS 40343 Product-PDF LYOS 40343
Productimage LYOS 40344 Product-PDF LYOS 40344
Productimage LYOS 40345 Product-PDF LYOS 40345
Productimage LYOS 40346 Product-PDF LYOS 40346
Productimage LINEA 40379 Product-PDF LINEA 40379
Productimage HOYO 60050 Product-PDF HOYO 60050